IQ Test #2

With Test #1 under his belt, Pablo was hyped to take on Test #2. This one was another test of his problem-solving ability. For those of you who think these tests are too easy, I recommend you check out the videos of the dogs who scored a 1. Just follow the link above.

For this test you need a large bath towel and a stopwatch.

Make sure your dog is awake. (Duh!) Then let him or her sniff the towel. Pablo had zero interest in towel-sniffing.

Throw the towel over the dog so that its head and shoulders are covered. Get out your stopwatch and start timing to see how long it takes your dog to get free.


5 seconds or less         5 points

5 to 15 seconds            4 points

15 to 30 seconds          3 points

30 to 60 seconds          2 points

if dog is still under towel after 60 seconds     1 point

Pablo proved himself to be a regular Houdini, freeing himself in under 5 seconds.


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One response to “IQ Test #2

  1. Mom

    Pablo has obviously been hiding his light under a bushel (towel?) for years. Maybe it’s the wisdom and experience gained from age.

    The link doesn’t work for me.

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