IQ Test #1

This weekend we subjected Pablo to the first of six IQ tests of canine intelligence. This one tested his problem solving ability.

For the test we needed the following:

An empty can; a stopwatch; a tasty tidbit (Nix the flowerpot.)

Then we proceeded to the test. First, get your dog to sit. This proved to be not an easy task with Pablo, who was excited when he saw the jar of treats, so K held him.

Next show your dog the treat and let him/her sniff it. This again proved difficult in that Pablo tried to gobble it rather than waste time sniffing what he could tell was a perfectly yummy treat.

Then, while your dog is watching, put the treat on the ground about six feet away and place the can over it. Release the hound and start timing how long it takes your dog to get the food.

Pablo was over there like a shot and gobbled the treat in 2 seconds flat, earning him a top score of 5 points.

Here’s the scoring:

5 seconds or less         5 points

5 to 15 seconds            4 points

15 to 30 seconds          3 points

30 to 60 seconds          2 points

Sniffs around can but doesn’t get treat after 60 seconds     1 point

With the first test aced, Pablo is ready to take on test #2. Stay tuned!



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2 responses to “IQ Test #1

  1. Mom

    You go, Pablo! Almost too easy for the Pab. He’s been practicing al his life.

  2. That’s problem-solving???? I think the test is rigged.

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