My Pug Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student—Not!

When Pablo finally got around to reading the Time magazine article on animal intelligence (being previously busy with more important matters like begging for scraps and sniffing the grass), he raised an interesting point: Just how smart are pugs compared to other breeds? I thought this was a fair question and did some research.

According to one popular survey, pugs rate # 57 out of 79 breeds. In other words, they’re the D+ students of any classroom. The ones sitting in the back row throwing spitballs, passing notes, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Sorry, Pablo.

So what breed made it to the top of the class? That would be the brainy Border Collie (#1), followed by the Poodle (#2), and the German Shepherd (#3). And the bottom of the bowl?  The Afghan Hound. Apparently even in the dog world the stereotype of beautiful but dumb exists.



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2 responses to “My Pug Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student—Not!

  1. How are they measuring intelligence? What makes for a smart dog….ability to be trained or the ability to problem-solve or something else?

    I always thought the Airedale was #1 in the brains dept.

  2. Ah, stay tuned for future posts on the subject. All will be explained. Basically, though, the tests measure three types of intelligence: adaptive, instinctive, and working/obedience (this last one is breed specific).

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