Batman-Singing Pug

For those of you who lived under a rock last week, here is a link to a video of a pug who sings the theme song to Batman. Trust me on this one—you have to see it.

While most viewers love the video, a few cranks complained that Teddy Almond Turtle (I kid you not, that’s the pug’s name) was abused in some way. It wasn’t clear if the abuse was due to hereditary—the perils of being a short-snouted breed—or if Teddy had actually been tortured to produce his high-pitched sounds.

Come on, folks, lighten up. Pugs make all kinds of strange noises. Pablo has a whole repertoire that he unleashes  when the mood strikes him. My daughter once trained him to say her name. It was annoying as hell to listen to, but in the end he squawked out her name—and bagged a tasty morsel as a reward.

A friend had a pug who honked like a goose. For some unknown reason, or at least unknown to non-pug beings, he would only honk when cars drove past, and only those cars heading towards him. Cars coming up from behind he left alone.

In conclusion, pugs are strange little creatures with their own bundle of quirks. Now please excuse me while I go teach Pablo the words to Zorro’s theme song. Ole!



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2 responses to “Batman-Singing Pug

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  2. Ken

    Hello, My name is Ken. I work for Japanese TV production company in LA.
    I’m actually interested in showing this video “Batman Pug Original” in one of the TV programs in Japan. Do you know who owns the copyright for this video, by any chance? I would like to get a permission to use this video in the TV show in Japan. Could you please contact me if you know anything about it? I look forward to hearing from you.

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