Baltimore or Bust

Baltimore has always been a dream destination for me, and this past weekend I finally made it there. It has a reputation as a quirky city, and it did not disappoint. Soon after we pulled into the downtown area, the streets were full of really strange characters, all dressed up in outrageous costumes. It took us a while but we finally figured it out—an anime convention was taking place that weekend.

We drove to Fells Point and one of the first things we spotted was this little beauty:

Back view:

We stopped for lunch at a cafe specializing in seafood. The waiter was extra friendly and a bit hungover—maybe that’s why he kept forgetting my Bloody Mary. But when it finally came it was excellent. I judge a restaurant on how they prepare their BMs. This one had a squirt of Guiness. Yum.

We didn’t take Pablo with us, but if we knew of this place beforehand, maybe we would have:

After a delicious lunch (softshell crab sandwich for me, crab cakes and pasta for K), we walked back to the Inner Harbor. I have to admit that the harbor was way too touristy for my taste. Except for a few legit attractions—the aquarium, the science center, the ships, etc.—most of the harbor is a monument to consumerism. Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters, Houligans, the Cheesecake Factory, and other chain stores line the harbor. I can go to those places in any mall.

We went to the visitors’ center to get our bearings. Standing guard at the door, on loan from the American Visionary Art Museum, was this fierce pooch:

Here’s the USS Constellation, the last Civil War vessel still afloat:

The dragon boats looked fun:

So did this merry-go-round:

Before taking the water taxi back to Fells Point, we walked around Federal Hill for a little while. I love federal style architecture.

The water taxi gave us a tour of the harbor:

The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse:

Back at Fells Point, what do we find parked next to us? Does this scream quirky or what?

Pure Baltimore! I’m definitely coming back.



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4 responses to “Baltimore or Bust

  1. Drax

    What a great post of what looks like a great trip! But the super geek within/without me screams, “There was an anime fest, and you got zero shots of folks in cosplay?!” Oh well…

  2. Drax

    And ACTUALLY!!! I think a professional artist friend of mine was in attendance for that fest!!!

    And yes, she was!!!

  3. big al

    I live in BMORE. Most newcomers go and do exactly what you did when visiting. Next time you need to REALLY expand your tour. Go to Clipper Mill, Mount Vernon, MT Washington, Station North and much much more. As for food, bmore is the one place (outside the inner harbor) that has very little chain restaraunts. Folks in bmore are anti-starbucks! Art and music scene is awsome. And you aint scene characters until you visit lexington market. Check out the farmers market under interstate 83 on sundays – HUGE!

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