What’s the Number One Vacation Spot for Dogs?

Cape Cod, MA. At least that’s according to a list at DogFriendly.com. Other resort areas where dogs can vacation and unwind include Chattanooga, TN, at number 10, Colorado Springs, CO, at number 5, and Black Hills, SD, coming in at number 2.

Pablo’s last vacation happened to be in Ptown, and this was before we knew that the Cape rated so highly. We went in October of 09 to visit my mom, who was renting a house there during the off season. And although we haven’t visited the other places on the list, Ptown was indeed very dog friendly. Dogs were allowed on the beach, and Pablo got the chance to dip his paws in the Atlantic Ocean, a first for him. Restaurants were cool with dogs in their outdoor cafes, and there was even an art gallery specializing in dog paintings. We considered immortalizing Pablo in paint, but decided that $750 (for the smallest painting) was a little too steep. Photos of Sir Sheddalot (his new nickname) will have to suffice.

I'm ready for my next vacation. Where are we going?


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