Bon Voyage, T and B!

My sister  T (blogger of Dirt and Rocks) and her husband B (blogger of Paddling Otaku) were in NYC for a visit recently. On their way up from NC, they stopped in to see me.  Although B could only stay a little while, T spent the night. The next day we went into Philly to see the sights and have lunch with our mother. Then T went on to NYC to meet up with more friends and family. Today T and B head back home.

Since T’s feet are often featured on her blog, I thought it appropriate to show them on mine. Here are T’s dogs right before she left Philly. Make sure you use them to come back this way again, T!


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One response to “Bon Voyage, T and B!

  1. Drax

    What happened to the rating system? Anyway, uh… THANK GOD YOU GOT A SHOT OF T’S FEET.

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