Frank Lloyd Wright Right Here in Ardmore

This morning was sunny yet breezy so Pablo and I went on a longer than usual walk. We passed by the Suntop Home designed by the world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Yes, you read correctly. Stuck in the suburbs of Philly is FLW architecture. We first heard about the Suntop Home at a community bbque. Neighbors told us that they had recently been stopped by a man asking for directions to the FLW house. He had traveled all the way from South Carolina in his quest to see it. (Why he didn’t bother to print directions before setting off  will remain a mystery.) Our neighbors have lived in Ardmore for many years yet they had never heard of the Suntop Home. So they looked it up online—don’t you love the internet—and found out that the building was built in 1939 in the Usonian style and, wonders of wonders, was only a half mile or so from where we live.

K and I were intrigued so one night we wandered over to take a look, but forgot to bring a camera. This morning I rectified that. Here then is Suntop Home in all its glory. As you can see, the building is a bit obscured by all the shrubbery and the high fence, no doubt put there with the intent to thwart FLW devotees.



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2 responses to “Frank Lloyd Wright Right Here in Ardmore

  1. Drax

    The plans are probably on file somewhere in the city. A future post!

  2. Pablo's sis

    I cannot believe I missed this!!

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