Say It Aint So!

One of the things that bugs me most about where I live is the local government’s attitude towards dogs. There are many dogs in the Ardmore area and people are very good about taking their dogs on walks and picking up after them. And for the most part owners keep their dogs on leads. So why is the official attitude towards dogs so negative? Signs at every park I pass state in big bold letters, NO DOGS ALLOWED. I understand why dogs might not be welcome in playgrounds or sport areas, but they can’t wander in the woods? In all the places I’ve lived, dogs have been allowed to sniff and snuffle their way through parks as long as they’re on leads.

I don’t know who decided that dogs can’t frolic in the parks. Probably a bunch of official bigshots who like to pass ordinances to show off their power. If they could get away with it, they’d no doubt post NO SQUIRRELS ALLOWED signs in the parks too.

Here is one such sign just a few streets down from us, followed by Pablo’s pithy commentary.



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2 responses to “Say It Aint So!

  1. Drax

    Why, I never saw THAT coming! (Don’t mind me. Good post.)

  2. Mom

    That was really funny! You go, Pablo!

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