Venusian Cats, Martian Dogs

The home animal hospital saga continues with another patient onboard. Rita, our cat, came down with a bad infection in her left ear with all kinds of wonderful bacteria growing inside. Another trip to the vet and another patient to medicate. Pablo still being on his meds, of course.

Here’s our morning routine—repeated at night. Give Pablo his antibiotics disguised in peanut butter which he gobbles down, thinking how lucky he is to get a special treat. Next it’s his ear drops. At first he didn’t like the drops, but now when he spots the vial in my hand he comes running. Why? Because when it’s over, he knows he’ll be rewarded with a dog biscuit. (The eye ointment treatment is finished and his eyes are once again big, beautiful, and clear. Yeah!)

Next up is Miss Rita. She caught on super fast that part of our morning routine is putting drops in her ear and as soon as she sees K coming, she scoots away. After a prolonged chase, K nabs her and holds her tight while I put in the drops. Except–Pablo see the vial and jumps up next to us. The greedy pug wants Rita’s drops, hoping they’ll bring him another biscuit.

The conclusion? Cats are definitely from Venus and Dogs are from Mars. Case closed.



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3 responses to “Venusian Cats, Martian Dogs

  1. Mom


  2. Flattery will get you everywhere.

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