Granny’s Here!

I have two granddaughters, four grandsons, and, at the moment, three granddogs, six grandcats, and assorted other grandpets. I’ve babysat/petsat many of them over the years. It’s a nerve-wracking business–the fear that a young creature in my care will get lost, hurt, or worse. Not only would I feel bad for them if something went wrong on my watch, but I’d be causing pain to their parents, my children, who would probably never speak to me again.

Out on the deck this morning, Rita the cat leapt for a low-flying bird. She missed the bird and barely managed to land on the deck railing, scrabbling to hold on. C and K told me she does this, safely so far, but it was gut-tightening thing to see.

Pablo is feeling blue with his folks away. He can barely muster the energy to beg for food when I eat. But he’s a trooper. It’s a dirty job but he knows someone has to do it. So he does.


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