Popeye the Pug???

Watching a video from Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 on the pug, I heard something new. Don’t put pressure on a pug’s neck or its eyes might pop out! The video implied that the slightest pressure might do the trick, causing puggie’s eyes to bulge like one of those rubber toys you squeeze. Alarmed, I did some research. It’s true that a dog’s eyes can pop out of the sockets (it’s called eye proptosis) and that flat-faced breeds are particularly susceptible. However, most instances occur when small dogs get into fights with large dogs. So I think it’s safe to go give Pablo a big hug without fear of his eyes popping out of his head!


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One response to “Popeye the Pug???

  1. Mom

    Oooh! Uggy-gooey.

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