A Pug’s BFFs (not)

Up till now I haven’t mentioned the other furry four-legged creatures who reside with K and me.

Rita was K’s cat when he lived in Ithaca. Named after a hurricane, she is quite the whirlwind-with energy to spare. In Ithaca she went outdoors and built up a reputation as a fierce hunter, except for baby chipmunks, which she captured and brought indoors to play with but never to kill.

OC is my cat. I found him one night living under a dumpster in Jersey City. I had just returned from the gym and my endorphin levels must have been high. I can find no other reason why I rescued him on the spur of the moment. I had another cat at the time (now deceased) and bestowed on the new kitty the temporary name OC (Other Cat). I didn’t want to select a permanent name until I knew he was healthy and disease free. He checked out fine but when I suggested other names, everyone liked OC so the name stuck. A bit of a slug, OC prefers cats to people. K refers to him as a cat food processing plant.

So how does Pablo get on with his fellow companions? Mostly he ignores them. But every now and then he feels compelled to assert his authority and chases them to put them in their place. Secretly I suspect he’s a tiny bit afraid of Rita. If she’s stretched out in the upstairs hallway he won’t go past her. And once, finding her curled up in his dog bed—which he never uses btw—he whined until I came over to investigate and then with backup assured, he charged, chasing her away.

Rita aka Miss Squeaky




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3 responses to “A Pug’s BFFs (not)

  1. Heather

    My gal was notorious for herding cats! I tried explaining that she was not a herding breed, but she never seemed to care and would herd the cats back into their place (in the basement) at the first sign of one, because by golly, the 1st and 2nd floors were hers, especially my bed!

    My grandparents’ current pug has a kitty best friend that he chews on and pins down. The cat actually loves this, and will run around in the yard taunting the poor pug by either staying just out of reach or bolting up a tree.

    He also gets shut in the garage so he can herd the 2 outside only kitties upstairs. Many times someone will go check on him and he’ll just be sitting there staring at the old tom cat until he notices someone watching, then *bark bark chase chase* like he’s a big guard pug.

    Long story short, big dogs in a small body 🙂

    • In his younger days Pablo would not let our cat at the time into the living area. Whenever the cat came downstairs and tried to enter, Pablo chased him upstairs. Thankfully, now that he’s older he’s more benevolent and our current cats can more or less go where they please.

  2. Aunt Laura

    Isn’t it BFFs?

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