Stately Dogs

This past Wednesday, Sean Parnell, the Governor of Alaska, signed a bill into law making the malamute the state’s official dog. This started me thinking about other dogs of state. And being a pugophile, I wondered if a state had honored the pug. Seems not, although Delaware has an open bill proposing the pug as state pooch. It has stalled, though, as 4 years have passed with no further action taken. Come on, Delawarians, push for the pug.

Turns out only 11 states have a state dog. See the list below. Some are immediately obvious–Massachusett’s, Lousiana’s, Maryland’s. Others are a bit mystifying. Pennslyvania, my current state, has the Great Dane???? But it turns out that Danes were employed as hunting and working dogs during frontier times in Pennsylvania. And William Penn himself owned a Great Dane. Who knew?

Alaska: Alaskan Malamute (2010)

Louisiana: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard (1979)

Maryland: Chesapeake Bay Retriever (1964)

Massachusetts: Boston Terrier (1979)

New Hampshire: Chinook (2009)

North Carolina: Plott Hound (1989)

Pennsylvania: Great Dane (1965)

South Carolina: Boykin Spaniel (1985)

Texas: Blue Lacy (2005)

Virginia: American Foxhound (1966)

Wisconsin: American Water Spaniel (1985)


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