Picasso’s Lump

Many people ask if Pablo was named after Picasso. Not exactly (see my previous post of April 16th). But I do admit I had the great artiste in mind when finalizing my pup’s name. For some reason, pugs have always looked like Spaniards to me. (Yes, yes, I know they originally come from China.) Also, I’m a big fan of Picasso the artist, though not so much the man, so it tickles me that people assume a connection.

Curious, I did some research to see if Picasso was fond of dogs. Turns out he was, but, alas, he lost his heart to a dachshund, not a pug. The dog’s name was Lump (German for Rascal) and he came to live with the painter in an unusual manner. In 1957, Picasso’s friend, David Douglas Duncan, a photojournalist, paid him a visit at his French villa. He brought along his dog—Lump. Tired of life on the road, Lump decided that the grass was greener at the villa and moved in immediately.

Picasso immortalized his new friend in a series of paintings, 45 in all. But my favorite image is of Picasso, a smile on his face, holding Lump.


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