The Census Man Cometh

On Monday Pablo and I had a surprise visitor–a census taker. Even though K and I had completed and mailed in our form as soon as we received it (good citizens that we are), the census man wanted to do it all over again. Who am I to argue with the efficiency of our government? I invited him in. Sad to report, but Mr. Census Man took absolutely no notice of Pablo, who could not comprehend why the man wasn’t making a fuss over him. Then, when I asked Mr. Census Man if pets were included as household members, I was told no. This is discrimination, folks, pure and simple. I propose that for the 2020’s census there should be a category to record pets. The information could be used to help animals in countless ways.



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3 responses to “The Census Man Cometh

  1. Mom

    Maybe even to get the Supreme court to see the error of its ways in seeing cruelty to animals videos as “protected speech.” Hey, animals are people too–or better than.

  2. Pets should be included as household members! When we went to get our taxes done, my husband asked the woman if we could claim our dog as a dependent. I thought it was a valid question:)

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