Express Yourself!

Yesterday K was juiced by Pablo. His first juicing, K was understandably confused and thought Pablo had soiled himself. A quick sniff around Pablo’s hind quarters revealed the truth. A pug’s anal glands can sometimes fill and leak a foul, foul liquid, one that leaves behind an unbelievable stench. If it gets on clothes, it clings to the fabric with the tenacity of a barnacle. I’m convinced that the car odor in the Seinfeld episode (the one where Jerry ultimately abandons his car because the stench won’t go away) was not BO but pug juice.

Pablo used to juice on a regular basis when he was younger. Now he rarely does, which was why yesterday’s episode caught me by surprise. If the anal glands become engorged, they have to be physically expressed. A vet or groomer will usually do it. The only other option is to express them yourself–and personally I’m not going there!



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3 responses to “Express Yourself!

  1. Mom

    Having just read Matt’s posting on Facebook, I believe you could say that K was royally foofed.

  2. Pablo's sis

    Pug initiation..welcome to the family, Karl

  3. It’s not just pugs. Pupzilla juices too.

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