A Pug By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Pablo, like many beloved pets, has a slew of nicknames. His official name, the one registered with the American Kennel Club, is Pablo My Heart’s Desire, shortened to Pablo for daily use. He’s also known as Pabi, Bugs, Buggie, Bugsie Boy, Bugaboo, and Little Man. At times he’s been referred to as Lumpy and Alien (though not by me).

Finding the right name to name one’s pup is a nail biter, especially since it’s hard to judge personality in the first few days. I considered Linus for a while, but when my daughter suggested Pablo, it sounded right. All the round sounds seemed to echo his pudgy, puppy body. So Pablo it was, even though I broke the number one rule of dog naming: Never call a dog something that rhymes with “No.” It interferes with the disciplining. Oh, well. What self-respecting pug allows itself to be disciplined?



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4 responses to “A Pug By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

  1. Drax

    I’m still fond of Bok Choy myself…

  2. Aunt Laura

    I liked Ozzie.

  3. Pablo's sis

    It shoulda been Buckwheat

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